Bedside Tables

More than just a sidekick to your bed

Bedside tables are truly an essential element in any bedroom. They are not only a stylish and functional addition to your space, but they’ll also store all your nighttime essentials. Perfect to get some well-deserved rest. Take a look at our collection of designer bedside tables, crafted with care to be the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom. Available in different styles that range from wood to metallics, glass and even a mirrored finish, at MADE you’re truly spoilt for choice. Your comfy bedtime reading is just an arm’s reach away.

Discover some of our favourite bedside tables

Ready to complete your bedroom oasis? To help you find the perfect bedside table for your home, we’ve compiled some of our favourites. For something timeless and classic, take a look at our wooden bedside tables and cabinets. They will instantly add some warmth and organic touch to your space, but without taking the spotlight off your bedding. Just look at Tayma, Lucien and Odie and you know what we mean. 

Prefer something a little different? Add a colourful accent to your bedroom with Hedra. The stunning teal and brass combo will certainly steal the show. Plus the roomy drawers make this bedside cabinet ideal to hide all your stuff. If you prefer it to sleep and simple, then our bedside table Alana is ideal. The metallic finish will command attention, but quietly. 

Can’t settle on one? If you find two separate bedside tables you love, then buy both. After all, rules are meant to be broken! Just keep in mind that the mismatched nightstands should fit with the overall style of your space. Vary with shapes or sizes, but try to find a common thread that ties them together. Wouldn’t Rener and Ledger simply look perfect on either side of your bed?

Expert’s tips on how to style your bedside table

Found your perfect bedside table? Now comes the fun part. To make a real statement with your new favourite piece of furniture, don’t let decorating it become an afterthought. Enjoy the practicality of your bedside table and add a few essentials to make it a focal design piece in your room. Start with a table lamp for logistical purposes. After all, you might want to do some nighttime reading (or Insta-scrolling). Add in some books (for looks or to read!) and maybe even a scented candle, a vase with colourful flowers or a picture frame as a little memento. Since surface space is limited, try and keep your bedside table clutter-free. Think about adding a small bowl to catch anything you take off prior to catching some z’s, like your glasses or jewellery.