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Corner Sofa Beds

Just for the L of it

Whether you're planning for multiple film nights and chill with the fam, or simply want to accommodate the unexpected sleepover, a corner sofa bed is a practical way to enhance your home's utility. Not only does an L-shaped sofa bed give you lots of bang for your buck, particularly if you're pushed for space, it's the ultimate multifunctional piece of furniture. After all, why take up valuable space for a guest bedroom, when you can create a lounging/WFH nook that doubles up as a bed when friends come to stay?

A sleeping space in just a few clicks

To help you pick the best corner sofa bed for you, it's useful to understand the different types of L-shaped sofa beds that MADE.COM offers. Sofa beds with a click-clack mechanism are the simplest design. The 'bed' part folds up and down and locks into place with a click, hence the name. These are slightly more economical than pull-out sofa beds, as they're usually foam-padded. These are best used as occasional sitting and sleeping spaces. With a pull-out chaise sofa bed, a conventional bed frame lifts out of the base of the sofa and a mattress sits on top of it, making it look and feel more like a 'normal' bed or sofa.

Pick your look

After you've figured out how to configure your corner sofa bed (left or right-hand option) and decided whether you're going click-clack or pull-out, the fun really starts. If you've decided to treat yourself (and your guests) by investing in a pull-out, our options include plush velvet pieces with a memory foam mattress, contemporary looks and a durable design, and storage L-shaped sofa beds with extra space for bed linens, duvets and pillows. Going for click-clack? Check out our mid-century-inspired models featuring curvy lines and lie-flat functionality as well as our dreamy retro styles with metal accents and loads of buttons.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

In order to get the most out of a corner sofa bed, accessorise it with stuff you love to have at hand and it will become your new favourite place to be. Consider storage boxes in which to pop odds and ends like remotes, magazines and throws – nifty suitcase-style options can also double up as trendy side tables. Or, pick a coffee table with shelving underneath and a glass top for mugs, cocktails and popcorn. Placing a curved free-standing lamp that arches over the top will throw plenty of light for reading in bed or relaxing during the day, as well as putting a spotlight on the proceedings when entertaining.