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Plant Pots & Plant stands

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Plant Pots & Planters

Probably there can never be enough of green spaces in our lives – we love to hang out in the park, have a picnic under the trees, or maybe even get our hands dirty and plant something of our own! This is easy if you have your own back garden, but since many of us live in cities where private gardens are more the exception than the rule, we will have to put more effort into creating our personal green spaces at home. With a whole range of different styles and types of pots and planters, as well as many accessories, you can always find the best options for both your interiors and exteriors. 

When you are ready to start planting, you can choose from a wide array of planter sizes to best fit the plants and spaces that you have. Smaller indoor plant pots will give a new home to a variety of house plants to put on top of furniture and give beautiful accents around your house. 

If you plan on having bigger house plants or add some green spaces onto your balcony or patio, larger planters will help you create and compose your own mini garden. You can choose from bigger floor standing garden planters made from natural materials (ceramics, stone, terracotta), metal and even fibreglass for that high-performance durability. 

Bear in mind to protect your floor when you place your garden planters indoors as they tend to be quite heavy and could scratch the flooring if you do not pay attention. 

If you want to not only protect your floor but also create some verticality with your plantings, you can choose from many different plant stands made from wood, rattan, various metals (brass, copper), resin and others. You can combine multiple height plant stand to both accommodate any kind of situation at home as well as create visual movement.

To create a cosier and lighter look around the house or patio, you may consider adding some woven planters. Made from natural seagrass, they will help seamlessly blend your plants amongst your home or garden furniture and create that natural flow of green spaces. 

 Rattan planters can help you take your home green spaces to another level. Combining natural rattan or polyrattan with the architectural form and complexity that can be achieved with the material, these planters will give fantastic sculptural quality while creating added value to your spaces.

Combine your woven planters with other garden décor items to create a complete garden atmosphere even on the smallest balcony.