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Outdoor Rugs & Runners

There is nothing to say that your outdoor space cannot be just as cosy as your indoors! All you need is the right kind of garden accessories to put the finishing touches to your patio, and you will be able to enjoy a welcoming outdoor space for many sunny days. One of the easiest (and quite practical) options to achieve just that is adding an outdoor rug or runner to give your patio that homely feel. Browse through our collection to find the perfect one for your space.

Cosiness and Comfort

Summertime is great for being able to enjoy those moments barefoot in the grass. Make this experience even more powerful by taking out that sudden unwelcome sensation of stepping onto a cold concrete patio. From the soft lawn straight onto the cosy outdoor runner, now you can seamlessly blend your interior and exterior spaces together. Or if you only have a balcony, a long outdoor runner will perfectly cover up that indistinct balcony flooring to help you create a cosy atmosphere.

Add character

Available in different colours and various patterns, our garden rugs and runners will surely give your outdoor patio that much needed stroke of colour and unique personality. Improvise with varying sizes of rugs to create a playful movement around the deck.

Designed for the outdoors

Most garden rugs and outdoor runners are designed to withstand all kinds of weather – be it rain, snow, dirt or blistering sun – so they are much more hard-wearing than most interior-use textiles. Outdoor rugs are made of flatwoven synthetic materials such as propylene (plus, we also have sustainable models made from recycled PET), so with proper care, your outdoor mat will last you many seasons. Best of all, since they are water-resistant (but not waterproof), outdoor rugs and runners are easy to clean and extremely durable, will dry very fast and protect any surface over which you lay them down. This way, your garden mat can help you to effortlessly protect your wooden or concrete patio from staining, rotting or discolouring.


Just because it is made from hard-wearing synthetic materials, it does not mean that an outdoor rug cannot fit perfectly into your interior spaces. That is why we simply call in 'indoor/outdoor' – we think it looks absolutely gorgeous wherever you place it – it can be the perfect match for your living room area and minimise any hassle that traditional textile rugs might involve.

If you have ever dreamed of having a cosy runner in your kitchen but never dared to actually get one because of all the water and food crumbs everywhere, then our outdoor carpet might be the perfect solution! Synthetic outdoor runners will handle anything that happens in the kitchen whilst keeping your feet cosy and your space even more welcoming. 

How to clean and maintain 

Outdoor rugs and runner are very easy to keep in great shape. For a quick fix-up, wipe it down with a damp cloth or give it a vacuum with a standard floorhead (avoid the rotating brush). If you want to give your rug a better wash, you can always simply hose it down – it is water-resistant so just leave it out to dry afterwards, and it’s ready to go back out. 

To remove light stains, you can use a soft brush and some mild detergent, giving it a good wash with water afterwards. If none of these options work, you can simply take it to the dry cleaners – they will know how to handle any kind of situation.