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Garden Dining Sets

Give your outdoors an upgrade

Once warmer weather arrives, our outdoor spaces are where we most want to be. And, whether your backdrop is a green oasis or an urban jungle, a designer-led garden table and chairs set will instantly upgrade it and provide you with a comfy nook where you can eat, drink and generally relax. A new garden dining set not only gives you additional square meterage for mealtimes. If you choose an outdoor table and chairs that chimes with your existing decor, you'll create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow that makes the most of your back yard, however large or small.

Space-shifting sets for stunning suppers

When picking an outdoor dining set, it's important to consider how it will fit into your overall space and meet your dining needs. If you love intimate meals for two or more, then circular tables are an ideal choice as everyone gets to face each other. Square tables, in contrast, let you take advantage of the entire surface area for place settings and glassware. Enjoy being the host(ess) with the most? A rectangular or extension table is a good pick if you want to optimise your tabletop and transition from intimate to convivial in an instant.

Swing low or go high

Height is another important consideration for your outdoor dining set wish-list. Higher bistro-style tables and chairs with a compact footprint are ideal for sipping aperitifs and enjoying romantic dinners. Plus, the seats are stackable and can be tucked into a corner, enhancing your outdoor space. Lower tables combined with sofa-style seating offer exceptional comfiness and can be used by all the family – an important factor if you've youngsters in the home. Corner-style garden dining sets feature easy-going, low-slung cushioned couches – use them alongside garden planters to delineate the area and create a relaxing dining den.

Pick a style

Whether you duplicate the theme of your indoor space outdoors – or choose a different look entirely – the choice is yours. If you're sticking to a modernist scheme, our outdoor dining sets include '50s and '60s-inspired curves and breezy '70-style rattan. Bench models in durable hardwood channel a more classical theme, and come with comfortable padded seats to keep everyone at the table happy, however prolonged the proceedings. For a contemporary option, keep an eye out for our garden table and chairs sets in lightweight fibreglass and resin – these pieces are not just lovely to look at, they're easy to keep clean, too.