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Fire Pits & BBQs

Gather round a garden fire pit

Whether it's a balmy summer evening or a cold winter night, you'll always find people gathered around fire pits. There are few things nicer than watching sparks fly, listening to the crackle of an open fire and feeling the warmth of cosy flames — especially curled up in your favourite armchair. If you love the fireplace vibe and want to bring ambience to your outdoor space when it's cold (or at any time of year), check out our garden fire pits, BBQs, and chimineas. And they're not just really aesthetically pleasing; they'll also be an instant hit with family members and friends who love the fresh air.

Chim chiminey, chim chim-inea.

If you've never heard of chimineas, let us introduce you. These freestanding outdoor fireplaces hail originally from Mexico, but they can add a heavy dose of cosiness to your patio or balcony wherever you call home. And they make striking feature pieces, thanks to clean lines, generous inners and tall chimneys. You can even use one as the main focus of your outdoor nook and pair it with brightly patterned rugs and garden furniture. For toasting those lovely-and-sunny winter days, pick out some ribbed and coloured tumblers from our glassware collection.

Get cookin', good lookin'.

Garden fire pits aren't just lovely to admire and sit around, you know – you can cook on them too. So, gather about, bring some sourdough slices, fragrant marshmallows and maybe a burger (or two) and explore our barbeques. Explore purpose-built designs like our retro charcoal grill BBQs and versatile cooking bowls that you can use to dish up hearty casseroles and spicy baltis. Food prepared and eaten outdoors just tastes better. And yes, that is a fact.

Geometry is us

If we've convinced you to indulge your inner caveman or woman and invest in a fire pit, barbecue, chiminea, whatever, the final thing to consider is the form you'd like your new BFF (best fireside friend) to take. We've got angular looks aplenty to satisfy cooks who like their corners and sweeping curves for those of you who prefer a more rounded look. And when it comes to colours, take your pick. Matte black is for traditionalists, while rusty finishes will please fans of the industrial vibe. Want to add a bit of shine to your al fresco setup? Opt for something in bold brass.