Our makers

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Our makers

We take a lot of time choosing which partners to work with. Find out where your furniture’s MADE here.

“Our designs are brought to life by makers and manufacturers across the world. We’re committed to long-term relationships and fair treatment.”

Our partners

It takes a global team of artisans and furniture-makers to create our products. We don’t own any factories but only collaborate with those who share our values. We’re committed to building long-term relationships with our key partners and tier 1 factories (where our main production and product assembly takes place). In addition to our European sourcing office in London, we have local teams in our Asian production centres, which we regularly visit.

  • Number of tier 1 factories we work with: 216
  • Number of countries we source from: 18

Data is correct as of January 2021

Our responsibility

The welfare of the people making our products matters to us. It’s our responsibility to ensure that every worker in our supply chain is respected and protected. This means:

  1. Maintaining visibility of our manufacturing sites and achieving further visibility of lower tiers going forward.
  2. Monitoring our supply chain and addressing any issues, should they arise.

Supply chains are complex, but we’re committed to this approach and will continue to build on our existing processes.

Our review process

From sourcing through to shipping, we aim to work with our supply chain partners in the fairest way possible. In 2021, we’re strengthening our onboarding process even further to ensure that suppliers’ sustainability credentials are aligned with our own values.

About MADE
When it comes to your home, we believe you can have it all: great design and quality, at an affordable price.
We’re committed to minimising our impact on the planet and making sustainability a part of everything we do.
How we work
We partner with the best makers to create pieces that are MADE to last.