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The ideal place to unwind

Living rooms are the place where we love to spend a lot of time.

Whether it is a weekend afternoon on your own with your favourite magazine to browse through, on the hunt for new ideas or another Harry Potter movie night with your family and friends on one of our unbelievably comfortable and soft sofas. We believe that no living room can be cosy enough and that’s, why we designed the right furniture and objects to transform each home into a haven of relaxation.

Decoration in all colours and shapes

While the main object to begin with, surely is a place to sit all of your beloved ones, it doesn’t stop here. We thought of it all and invite you to click through the many design furniture for your living room - P.s. we also deliver right to your doorstep. 

Furniture and rooms made to match

Decorating your living room could start with the right set of furniture and for this reason, many of our collections come in all sizes and shapes, colours and materials so that your new coffee table will harmonise with the wooden sideboard and its slim metal legs. 

Walking on sunshine

Another important fact to consider is the texture and warmth that textiles will add to your living room. By placing cushions and a blanket around you, watching a snowstorm outside your window, will be just as exciting as going to the cinema. But don’t forget your feet! Imagine walking on clouds and feeling warm at the same time, Imagine graphics and colours on the floor that look so great, you will want to hang them up. Yes - we are talking about our rugs. We are not even sorry to admit that the choice won’t be easy.

Ideas for your living room

There are so many different styles starting from the famous midcentury design to the classic summer cottage, travelling to Scandinavian comfort and all the way to industrial chic ... we don’t want to leave you alone in case you are looking for inspiration. One thing we can already say - lighting is the key to comfort. With the right light, you can create the perfect atmosphere where relaxation will come upon you, the minute you switch on your new lamp

Be careful not to fall asleep each time you lay down since your living room will be hard to leave again - that’s how cosy it can get!