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Outdoor Lighting & Lanterns

Let there be light

Ideal for when that barbecue extends into the wee hours – or an impromptu glass of wine turns into heartfelt chats – our outdoor lights will soon get your garden glowing. Our lamps emit soft, flattering glows to help create that just-right atmosphere – the ideal backdrop for your next alfresco soiree. These easy-to-mount pieces are an instant way to transform a nice-but-unspectacular space into a welcoming destination for your guests. We love dotting a few candles around, too, if we're looking to really set the mood. You won’t find us in the kitchen at parties any more – we’re all about the patio.

Beam me up

When selecting your new lighting, it’s good to consider which areas you'd like to be lit up. Directional lighting can be used to accent a door frame or passage, while a spotlight is ideal for illuminating a table or communal area. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a soft background glow, we’ve got plenty of outdoor wall lights to add that twinkly touch. If you're looking for the right bulbs for your outside lights, have a read of our complete guide to lighting to find tips on everything from vintage filaments to energy efficiency.

Lighting never looked so good

Each outdoor space has its own character, and our garden lights come in all styles and shapes to match your dream vision. Frosted glass is super on-trend at the moment, and we’ve got a collection of globe styles similar to ones you might see in a fancy hotel. After something a little more subtle? A contemporary angular piece could be just to your taste. With finishes including bronze, brass and powder-coated metal, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Cosy up outdoors

As we know well at MADE.COM, the right kind of lighting can put you in a happy mood. There are plenty of other touches you can implement to turn your balcony or lawn into an extension of your home. Plants are a must, for starters – opt for leafy ones for that rainforest-esque vibe. To create even more feels, why not add blankets, cosy seating or even a fire pit for the ultimate outdoor experience? Still after new ideas? Browse our guide to creating a cosy outside space and get garden-ready for those milder evenings. Cocktails – or hot chocolate – are mandatory.