Ceiling Lights

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Time to look up and shine

Ready to redecorate? Once you’ve chosen your new sofa, bed or dining table, consider shedding some light on all the things that matter. How? With our stylish ceiling lights of course. In hallways and receptions, retro pendant ceiling lights will truly make an entrance and impress your guests. Scandi-style kitchen ceiling lights on the other hand provide a calming atmosphere at dinner time and our industrial-inspired shades are perfect for your bathroom. Whichever room and whatever your style, browse through our collection of designer ceiling lights now and find your perfect match. 

Stunning ceiling lights perfect for every room

When decorating your home, don’t make the crucial mistake of forgetting to look up. While ceiling lights might not be the first thing on your mind, you should never underestimate their ability to illuminate your space while also make a dramatic style statement. And since a ceiling light fixture is usually the main source of lighting in many rooms, make sure it reflects your personality, whilst blending with the rest of your décor.

Height matters, so choose ceiling lights wisely

When choosing the perfect ceiling light for your home, always consider the height of your ceilings and what features that room will require from your designated light source. For rooms with low ceilings, such as hallways or bathrooms, consider flush mount or semi-flush mounted ceiling lights. These fixtures sit close to the ceiling, giving you more headspace and are thus perfect for those high traffic areas. Choose a minimalist design such as Corben or our Globe flush ceiling light and hang it in your kitchen above worktops or in the bathroom to get ready in style. 

If you’re blessed with high ceilings (lucky you!), then consider going for hanging lights such as pendant lamps or even chandeliers. Their adjustable cords allow you to create different levels of lights, while your chosen design can create a stunning centrepiece. Just image Kaleido over your kitchen island or creating an eye-catching lighting display with Wanda in the dining room over the dining table. Whichever style you go for, our stunning ceiling lights will never fail to impress. 

Tip: Whichever style of ceiling lights you go for, invest in some dimmable light bulbs. Transform the mood of your room instantly and turn a bright environment into a more relaxing and cosy ambience with the flick of a switch. For some more helpful tips on avoiding common lighting dilemmas, take a look at this handy how-to guide.