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Baking Dishes

Up your kitchen game with our baking dishes

Whether you're learning the basics or a whiz in the kitchen, make sure your food looks as good as it tastes with our collection of baking dishes, perfect for serving straight from oven to table. Crafted from robust materials like porcelain, enamel, steel and cast iron, our cooking dishes are MADE to last: these are pieces you can really rely on. We love bold, bright colours for presenting food, and our ovenproof dishes come in shades such as burnt orange, buttercup yellow and pistachio – so your servewear can impress your guests as much as your menu.

Substance as well as style

What's the good of great-looking cookware if it's not up to the job? Not much in our book, so rest assured that our oven dishes can handle themselves. With pieces that have non-stick surfaces, are induction hob-friendly and suitable for dishwashers, our ovenware pieces aren’t just there to look pretty. Designed to make your life as easy as possible (and to simplify the dreaded clean-up, too), each one has been crafted with practicality in mind as well as appearance, for the best of both worlds.

Pick the right shape

All about a classic Sunday menu? Our roasting pans are deep enough to hold the main event, trimmings and more, and come with practical handles for pulling out of the oven to serve family-style. A deep, lidded casserole pan is perfect for all those hearty stews and soups, while there are smaller pots for sauces, too. Looking for something to use on the hob that can double up as a baking dish for the oven? Check out our collection of cookware that includes stainless steel pans and more.

Create your dream tablescape

When it comes to your tablescape, we say: go big – so take a look at our serveware range. It includes everything from glazed bowls for colourful salads to serving boards, salt and pepper grinders and water jugs. We love bold shapes and mismatched designs, so select your favourites for a collection that's unique to you. Need some more inspiration? Read our inspirational guide on how to make your dining space feel more special, and ensure you feel like you’re serving restaurant-worthy food every night, for every plan.