How to pick the right sofa bed for your Scandi home

A Scandinavian home is clean, warm and welcoming. And what’s more welcoming than a sink-in sofa bed? If you need a little help choosing, we’ve got the ultimate guide to picking a style that’ll fit perfectly into your Nordic nest. Read on - your guests will thank you.



1. Tape measure at the ready

Before anything else, measure your space and consider who will be using the sofa bed. That friend who drops in once a year? Or your family every weekend? And where will it fit? Your chosen sofa bed needs to be practical so you don’t have to dismantle the whole room every time you unfold it. If you’ve got the space, you can either go for a corner sofa bed or a 3 seater. Or if your square footage is small, a single style like Haru will do the trick. (And that faux sheepskin is pretty dreamy, too.) 

2. Looking good  

When you’re looking for ‘the one’, keep the following three things in mind: simplicity, functionality and natural good looks. They’re the pillars of Scandi style, after all. Take Lars – its clean silhouette and solid oak arms are the epitome of Scandinavian design. Or if you’d prefer a dash of colour, Stevie’s moody blue upholstery fits the bill, and so do its slim birch legs. And let’s not forget Chou – those angled feet nail the Nordic look. 

3. Lighten up

In a Scandi home, the palette’s pared-back – we’re talking calming beige, grey and white. These are a good match with light wood furniture and materials like linen and wool. (Are tonal interiors up your street? Then have a read of this.) But if deeper colours are more your thing, make sure they’re muted. Forest green, greyish blue and plaster pink all hit the right note here. Just ask Shay and Moby

4. Your soft spot

We know that comfort’s just as important as style, which is why our sofa beds have both. For warmth and softness, say hi to Harlow’s velvet upholstery. Like the look but want a bit more texture? Kahlo’s corduroy will seal the deal. And let’s not forget the practicalities – if your guests are regulars, you’ll want a fabric that’s durable and easy to clean. So go for a hard-wearing design like Nestor. Just don’t blame us if your visitors don’t want to leave – the chunky cushions and foam-filled mattress are what sweet dreams are made of.

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