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A publisher’s guide to styling books in your home

Not only does your book collection reveal a lot about you, it can also transform the look of your home. From colour-coded shelves to artfully arranged piles on the coffee table, there are endless ways to display your favourites. After some ideas? Bookshop co-owner and publisher @gunifort has plenty. Time to take a leaf out of his book.



1. Whether you fancy a quick browse or just can’t wait to finish that last chapter during your lunch break, books play a huge role in keeping us inspired. Opt for a desk with glass shelving like Connely to keep them close, or create a cosy reading nook with an armchair and footstool.

2. There’s nothing more impressive than a well-stocked personal library – especially if you’ve read every book. To keep things organised, invest in a large shelving unit and some marble bookends. It takes a lifetime to fill up a personal library, but that’s what makes it fun; developing your collection is an ongoing process.

3. It’s called a coffee table book for a reason – they make amazing decorative objects if you style them in the right way. Find a book by your favourite artist or photographer, and leave it open on your coffee table, or arrange a few in a pile with a lamp on top.

4. I have to admit, sometimes I do judge a book by its cover. The spines and covers can be just as exciting as what’s inside. Emphasise a vibrant collection by creating an uneven stack full of different tones, and then place a bright bouquet on top. More of a minimalist? Choose modular shelves and group your books by colour.



Article written by: Jos Nuijten

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