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6 styling and design ideas inspired by nature

From organic cotton and linen to imperfect stone and wood, Millennials are wild about bringing the outdoors in (hi, plant parents). To help you make your own #earthinspiredhome a reality, we turned to interior stylist Mani Tagba, whose house embodies the trend. Here’s what she told us.



1. Take cues from your surroundings. It’s quite remote where I live – halfway between a lake and a forest – and I wanted to reflect that serenity in my four walls. So my materials of choice are wood, jute, cane, bamboo and stone. 

2. Sheets made from natural materials support a better night’s sleep. I love cottons and linens in subtle colours. Finish things off with a generous pile of cushions in earthy tones to create a soothing environment. (Like the sound of this? Check out the lowdown on our sustainable bedding.)

3. Daylight and candles are the most beautiful sources of light to me, so I’ve left most of my windows bare to let in as much sunlight in as possible. In rooms where I need privacy, I’ve chosen curtains made from lightweight materials. Lamps have to be simple and dimmable, so that I can adjust the brightness depending on the time of day. 

4. I try to reflect the seasons in the colours of my cushions, throws and textiles. I love mustard yellow in late summer, followed up with orange details come autumn. Natural dyes are a great way to introduce these seasonal tones. Try experimenting with turmeric for a soft golden hue – the internet is full of tutorials.

5. Plants, of course! You’ll find greenery throughout my home: bird of paradise, banana trees and – my latest addition – a fan palm, which has the potential to become the new cheese plant, if you ask me. They make great room dividers, too. (Read more on trending houseplants here.)

6. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to bring some nature into your home. I collect fern leaves and twigs on my walks through the forest and then arrange them in empty glass bottles or vases. It doesn’t cost a thing, and looks very pretty.



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