How we work

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How we work

We partner with the best makers to create pieces that are MADE to last.

“Working with our chosen makers and manufacturers, we design and develop quality products using carefully considered materials.”

Designed to last

We collaborate with the best independent designers and makers. Working with highly skilled experts, we create quality pieces you’ll love that’ll last for years to come. We know our choice of materials matters both from a social and environmental standpoint. That’s why we’re deeply committed to ingraining sustainability into our product development process, from concept to completion.

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MADE by experts

We seek out the best manufacturers and makers around the world. Before collaborating with any factory, we make sure our high quality standards are met. Positive supplier relationships are important to us and we favour those who share our values. After recognising the skill of Portuguese potters, many of our ceramic pieces are now crafted in Alcobaça, just outside of Lisbon. We also source cutlery from Italy, textiles from Turkey and rugs from India.

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Responsible production

We’re conscious of avoiding overproduction and are always mindful of waste, so we take a ‘little and often’ approach to ordering. It’s a different way of working and sometimes increases our lead times – but that’s a trade-off we knowingly make. Going forward? We’re closing the loop by collaborating with a recycling platform to help you give our stuff a second life.

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About MADE
When it comes to your home, we believe you can have it all: great design and quality, at an affordable price.
Our commitments
This is our game plan for 2021 and beyond. We’re tackling four key areas where we can make the most change.
Our materials
The goal? Making sure our key materials are 100% sustainably sourced by 2025.