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Wall sculptures

Elevate your space with a statement wall sculpture

An eye-catching wall sculpture commands attention, setting the tone for your space. After all, empty walls are ripe with possibility – and one (or maybe two) new additions can make your house feel like a real home. Whatever your decor style, we've got the pieces that can amp up your walls and inject some personality into your space. Whether you're looking for a bold abstract design, a decorative sculpture in delicate wire or a Mediterranean-inspired seagrass object, we know our range has what it takes to inspire you.

Go for a large-scale piece

A three-dimensional wall sculpture can bring an entire room to life. Try hanging yours above the fireplace, if you've got one, where the eye is naturally drawn as you enter the room. This also keeps it protected from high-traffic areas (and potentially sticky fingers). If you're a lover of minimalist, Scandi decor, hanging a natural, woven object in an empty spot adds warmth and textural interest. Or, if bright and bold is more your vibe, consider installing a decorative piece on top of patterned wallpaper or an accent wall for an even bigger impact. A modern artwork over a mural wall covering creates a striking contrast and adds a welcome touch of playfulness, too.

Curate a gallery wall

Nothing adds interest and colour quite like a gallery wall. Display some wall sculpture art with a collection of prints, photographs and other mementos to mix things up nicely. Opt for simple, uniform frames or keep it interesting by using new and old frames together, to capture a vintage aesthetic. For modest rooms, extend the gallery wall prints to the ceiling to give the illusion of a larger area. Working with a narrow hallway or staircase? If your space is too tight for accent furniture or even smaller decorative items, focus on bringing your surfaces to life with a distinctive set of three wall ornaments, placed at varying heights to add extra flair.

Light it up (literally)

Put your artwork in the literal spotlight by installing some lighting overhead (or around it, depending on where it's placed). Allow sculptures with curved edges to really shine with a well-lit ceiling light or floor lamp – or, if your art is shelved, above a table or cabinet. If you're starting from scratch with a room, let the statement art determine the colour scheme, picking out pops of primary shades or enhancing neutral tones and inspiring textures. Circular wall sculptures are the perfect pairing with a clock as they create flow (and we all need to go with it sometimes).