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Stay in bed

There is a reason behind the fact that imagining breakfast in bed on the weekend, is the ultimate feeling of the perfect Sunday. Being tucked between soft bedsheets and fluffy pillows, feeling safe and warm with a freshly brewed coffee in your favourite mug sounds like a dream? We are happy to tell you that this dream could be your reality very soon.

By the way, we don’t just have a wide range of designer beds to offer but also the key to a good night sleep - the mattress. You can decide between different widths and most importantly between the firmness and filling type.

We have all that it takes

Don’t worry - we don’t want you to stay in bed all day long but we also know how hard it can sometimes be, to get up and crawl out. For that reason we want your bedroom furniture to look the most inviting on a morning, to swing both legs out of your warm blanket, place your feet on a soft rug, give yourself a good morning stretch and walk up to your curtains, opening them with one single energetic move. 

Good Morning

The perfect day starts with the perfect outfit so why not browse through the many different wardrobes that we designed for you? Your clothes deserve to be organised and have all the space they need to be seen with just one glimpse to quickly decide which combination you want to put on before you step out of your home. Just so you won’t also have to worry about the right spot for a mirror: many of our wardrobes come with a full-length mirror. Give yourself a little wink before you hit the road. 

And don’t feel bad if you are someone who needs a chair in your bedroom so you don’t have to tidy up everything the moment you change into your pyjamas but instead leave a little pile for the next day. 

Not just matching clothes

We love to create harmony within our choice of materials and finishes that you can pick from. The same counts for our bedroom designs. The many design sets include the right bed for your home that also goes with the matching bedside table

Apart from choosing the right look to go with your home, there are some easy steps on the right decor for your bedroom to create the ideal paradise to let go of any stress and snuggle back into bed after a long day out and about.